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Digital Pocket Scrapbooking Apps

Digital Scrapbooking Apps

Digital pocket scrapbooking combines digital scrapbooking with pocket scrapbooking.

Using photos and digital scrapbooking pocket apps, I can make a pocket scrapbook layout and have it posted to my Facebook page or Instagram account in less than five to ten minutes.

What Is Pocket Scrapbooking?

Pocket scrapbooking was popularize by Project Life and has revolutionized the scrapbooking and memory keeping industries.

Journal card sets, pocket pages, and photos are all you need for pocket scrapbooking.

The physical products have made scrapbooking easier to do and in less time, while allowing even beginners to make stunning layouts.

Week One - Project 52 2018

How Is Digital Pocket Scrapbooking Different?

But for those of us who don’t have the room or inclination to collect a lot of supplies, there is digital scrapbooking.

And because many people take photos with their smartphones, digital pocket scrapbooking is now so easy with mobile apps.  Just take pictures, add them to a template, and add digital journal cards.

Week Two - Project 52 2018

Digital Pocket Scrapbooking Apps

1. Project Life app – The Project Life App is a pocket scrapbooking app developed for Project Life.  The app currently costs $2.99.  It comes with several different journal packs for making pages.  Additional packs can be purchased and downloaded to the app.  These range in price from $0.99 to $1.99.

The app also comes with several different page layouts that are similar in layout to those found in the physical Project Life product pages.  Additional, layouts can also be purchased.

I enjoy using the Project Life app on my Android phone because it is easy for me to quickly make pages using the included layouts, journal packs, and my photos.  Completed pages can be organized into folders to group pages together.  I have created folders for my travels and save them by year.  From the app, I can also upload my pages and have photo books created.

2. Rhonna Designs App –  The Rhonna Designs App is another app that I use along with the Project Life App. The app currently costs $1.99.  It comes with several backgrounds and design packs.  There are also options for text with different fonts, filters, masks, and frames.  Additional design packs and fonts are available for $0.99 each.

I use the Rhonna Designs App because sometimes I want to create my own journal cards or add elements to my photos before adding them to my Project Life page.  With this app, I can import a photo or other image file.  I can then add text or photo overlays.  Then I save them to my phone and use them just like a photo in the Project Life App.

3. Autodesk Sketchbook – The Autodesk Sketchbook App is a drawing and painting app.  This takes my journal cards to another level of design than I can when making journal cards with the Rhonna Designs App.  This app comes with a lot of digital artist brushes and features.

I love using this app to create custom journal cards using my own artistic talent.  This app is free to download, but for $4.99, additional brushes and features are available.

I have the paid version of this app and I love it.  I can import photos, add text, use brushes to add color where I want, remove unwanted areas, and more.  Because this app uses layers, one sketch can create different variations by just turning layers on and off.

Once I have my journal card created or my photo updated the way I want, I save the file as a jpg.  Then I import it into the Project Life App.

There are many apps out there for digital scrapbooking and digital pocket scrapbooking.  The above are just a few available.  What apps do you use?

13 thoughts on “Digital Pocket Scrapbooking Apps

  1. Ruth says:

    this is great! I HATE the idea of scrapbooking but if I can do it digitally I will.

    1. rhondabell says:

      Yes, digital scrapbooking has changed the way I capture memories. I can do it anywhere, with the photos on my phone or saved on the cloud, and without the mess of scrap paper and glue everywhere. Win!

  2. Karla says:

    I use the Project Life app. Glad to find out about the other 2. Thanks for sharing!

    1. rhondabell says:

      Your welcome. I found that the Project Life app alone didn’t give me all the control over the pages I make. So using the other two apps have brought my pages up a notch.

  3. This is very interesting! I have always wanted to scrapbook, but felt the initial startup would be costly. This is something I will look into – thanks!

    1. rhondabell says:

      Your welcome! This is a great way to do scrapbooking. And you can get prints and books produced from the app if you want to have a physical scrapbook without the mess!

  4. Kelsey says:

    I had no idea that Project Life has a digital app! I love using their journaling cards for lots of projects but my scrapbooking has fallen by the wayside after the birth of baby #2. I wonder if one of these apps would help me. Great post!

    1. rhondabell says:

      Yes, I discovered the app while searching for a collage app for my photos. I think you will find the app easy to use. Plus you can use it anywhere you take your phone. I especially like that I don’t have to print out my photos to get them into an actual scrapbook page. And the app lets you get prints and books produced so you can have a physical scrapbook too!

      1. Kelsey says:

        That sounds amazing! I will definitely check it out!

  5. Sonja says:

    I’ve wanted to scrapbook for so long for my kids to have a set thing to look at that follows them throughout their lives. This is definitely something that I could possibly look into in my downtime and still keep for myself and for them for the future. Thanks for posting about it, I am so excited to start! What do you recommend for a beginner to this method of scrapbooking?

    1. rhondabell says:

      To get started, download the app to your phone. You can get in the Google Play store or Apple store. It is pretty easy to use. So just play around with adding photos and some of the starter kits. Let me know if you have any questions. And most of all, have fun!

      1. Sonja says:

        Thank you! I’m excited to try it!

  6. Jess says:

    This is so awesome! I had no idea this even existed! What a great alternative!

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