It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to set up an online business and blog.  But you don’t have to do it alone.  I received help along the way.

Below is a list of resources, I have used.

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Blogging Resources

The following two courses are produced by It’s A Lovely Life. Heather and Reese have been blogging for over 10 years and earn a full-time income from their site. You can see all their courses here.

  • 5 Day Start A Money Making Blog Crash Course – this course is a good one to take if you don’t have a blog.  It walks you through the steps of setting up your blog and getting started.  Best of all, it is FREE.
  • 30 Day Blogging Fast Track Course – this is the course that really got me off and running.  There were so many things I did not know about blogging and earning income from a blog.  The course is a bit expensive but it was totally worth the cost to me.
Website Resources
  • Web Hosting:  I use SiteGround for hosting my website. I found the prices reasonable and the set up easy. I’ve had good success with the customer support who have been very personable and quickly answered my questions or resolved my issues.
  • Blogging Software:  I use WordPress for my website and blogging.  WordPress is an open source solution with lots of functionality.  It is really the go to blogging platform.  It was a one click set up on my SiteGround account.
  • Blogging Theme:  I purchased my theme from ThemeForest.  They have thousand of themes to pick from.  I prefer buying a theme versus having a free theme.   The quality and support always seem to be better.  And they usually have a lot more features and updates.